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"Searching for Space"

(Room installation/workshop, 2020, Tallinn, Estonia).

Inspiring atmosphere, collective and belonging feeling, all gone that was so characteristic to Estonian Art Academy. Now we look at these concerns and transform a coridor into a comfortable space meant for students. The workshop explores academic boundaries. The building is struggling with space, the only possibility of having a student area is to approach the need through academic matter, applying for a room embodying a workshop. To make the workshop accord to its nature, an ironic program has been put together that encompasses workshops such as 5 minutes of staring at the ceiling or 1 hour of just being. The project raises a question: what measures have to be taken in order to get a space for students where we can relax, meet new people, share experiences and let loose of the academic atmosphere? Curator: Grete Remmel.





Live drawing event organised in the space.